Canadian Stenographer's archive

Canadian Stenographer is an archive of partisan political correspondences sent to Canadians by major Canadian political parties. The archive consists mostly of emails sent to the subscriber mailing lists of the major parties listed here:

Our mission is to maintain a public record of all the messages sent by Canadian political parties and candidates at all level of government for all time periods.

Please remember that many of the sign-up forms ask for a Canadian postal code, which may lump you into a particular demographic. We need some help, please consider forwarding us your targeted emails!

Emails & correspondences

At present the archive contains the majority of emails sent to Canadians from the major political parties listed above since early 2014 (a more detailed breakdown can hbe found on our analysis blog). We have many emails that stretch earlier into 2013, but the archive is by no means complete. With parties sending out locally-targeted emails by postal code, we could use your help! If you happen to be a subscriber to any registered political party in Canada and you notice that we don't have an email, check out the instructions for sending us an email for inclusion in the archive.

All timecodes on emails are received times reported by the recipient's email server, in Eastern Standard (or Daylight when applicable).

Images/external content

Images and other external content are regularly loaded from a remote server to display a rich content email in your preferred email client. This is a standard practice, but it also offers the opportunity for the sender to remove or switch content being hosted at that image's location. To ensure the completeness of the archived email, Canadian Stenographer encodes and embeds images from the original messages into the archived markup, ensuring the emails in the archive are as they were when they were sent.

Broken/missing links

With sophisticated email marketing tools, email campaigns are able to generate unique tracking links for each subscriber allowing information to be collected about which links are clicked. They can even change the destination page content of the link to better cater to your demographic.

Furthermore, the destination content linked to in many emails is usually made inaccesible by the websites hosting the content shortly after sending the emails. As we are unable to ensure that desination content is still available and lack resources to cache such content, and further because we wish to protect the privacy of submissions, at this time all links are stripped from emails during archival.

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