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For general inquiries, please email us at

Contributions to Canadian Stenographer's Archive

Canadian Stenographer's archive is populated with emails sent to us by people like you! If you notice that we don't have an email in the archive, please forward us a copy.

We accept all political correspondences from any registered political party at any level of Canadian government from any time period.

Step 1: Identify an email that you've received is from a registered political party in Canada.
Step 2: Check Canadian Stenographer's archive to ensure we don't already have the email in the version and language.
Step 3: Forward the message to and include your postal code. We'll take care of stripping all of your personal information, and we'll email you when we've published your contributions.

What's missing from the archive?

Our main focus is collecting emails that were sent to specific demographics (postal codes) of Canadians. Our observations show that for the most part, major Canadian political parties have not significantly used targeted messages at the federal level lest in the cases of by-elections and rallies. In general, our main categories of missing material includes the following:

Wanted: Physical Letters & Prizes

We don't have physical letters or prizes that have been mailed to subscribers. If you have collected a series of letters or prizes from a particular political party, please take scans or pictures and contact us!

Wanted: Emails by Postal Code

Sometimes mailing list subscribers are targeted based on their demographics. There are many technical ways to discriminate between user interests and location (sending separate messages to different groups of Canadians). For the most part, we have only seen additional email messages being sent to people in by-election districts and for events in the area, such as a public rally or speaking. The Canadian Stenographer archive includes all of the targeted messages we can get our hands on, but we've only recently begun collecting the messages of a wider variety of postal codes. Please send us the messages you've received from political parties in your locale. Postal codes are typically a requested field when subscribing to a party's email list, but it's hard for us to maintain a mapping of all Canadian postal codes to electoral districts for our email lists.

Wanted: Examples of Language Sneakiness

For the most part we've noticed that major notices are sent to all mailing list subscribers in either English and French or with the option to choose a language, and we haven't been able to find any examples of a party sneaking alternate sentiment into the other official language.

Wanted: Full sets of "Donor Records"

Emails are often sent to donors with a "donation record" or similar style report as frequently as once per quarter. We have a few of these in the archive, but we suspect people who have donated to particular parties have been sent follow-up emails or content that may be different than that sent to non-contributors. If you've been donating from a party for a long time and suspect that you've received an email not typically sent to non-contributors, please send them to us!

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